Gemma Peralta, Social Media Strategist

I'm OKAY. What's your name?

I speak Franglais fluently.

A friend on my softball team recently told me that he thought I could pass for the Dos Equis guy. Not because I wear a beard nicely, but quote, "You sit on Boards and meet cool people." He raises some valid points. I also think that travelling is oxygen and design thinking can transform anything. And what's more...

With over 15 years of non-profit sector experience in Nicaragua, Rwanda, Vietnam, Indonesia, Guyana and Canada, I have a deep understanding of what it takes for non-profit organizations to leverage their social good campaigns online. From chairing a 24-hour online fundraising campaign with McGill University that raised $1.9 million and shattered a Canadian fundraising record (twice), to obtaining 10 million impressions online over a 3-day International Human Rights Education conference, I never shy away from a challenge.

My greatest weakness? Conversation starting shoes. #staythirstymyfriends